Little Miss Nola Rae’s Entry to the World

WE MADE IT!!! It seems like just yesterday(well also though seems like 10 years ago) I was in Fort Bragg with Evan looking at a positive pregnancy test trying to convince him that there is a double line I swear!! He made me take soooo many tests that I finally got the one that says … Continue reading Little Miss Nola Rae’s Entry to the World


Thanksgiving cravings

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Thanksgiving. The food, the family, the holiday vibes! What does make it great is that it is only once a year but let’s be real, we want the food more than once a year, we cravvveeee it! So i have an easy casserole you can make when you are craving that … Continue reading Thanksgiving cravings

Baby Girl’s Nursery

I thought I would take the time to take a few pictures of the nursery before girlfriend makes her appearance and before it looks like a bomb went off with diapers and dirty clothes everywhere. This post will mostly be just pictures with few descriptions. This is pretty much the room, it is upstairs across … Continue reading Baby Girl’s Nursery

Midwest & Pine

MIDWEST & PINE Hey all!! So, I have something new to share with everyone that I am very excited about! I have decided to open an Etsy store; I always loved the idea of Etsy and sharing what I love with others but I was never sure how I would have my own or what … Continue reading Midwest & Pine

The Baden Girls 25 Days of Christmas!!

Christmas with my sister is like a Christmas you've never had before. There are rules lol. She decorates the entire house on Black Friday and when I"m back from shopping the house is a Christmas Wonderland. Growing up my sister and I always looked forward to The Family Channel's  (previously called Fox Family then ABC … Continue reading The Baden Girls 25 Days of Christmas!!